Recycled Polyethylene

  • Production Technology

  • Made To Specification

  • Industrial Packaging

We can supply recycled content packaging. All our recycled resin is processed locally and is therefore helping our environment through it's reuse, rather than being sent to landfill.

This recycled resin comes in two main forms:

Jazz: which is generally made from lower quality, multi coloured or printed feedstocks. As it is often multi coloured a black master batch is usually added. This type of resin is usually used for less critical applications were the enclosed product is not on display. Other uses included rubbish bags, storage bags, collection bags etc.

Natural remill: in this instance the feedstock is very clean, post industrial material, with no colouring in it or printing on it. Natural remill can produce clear films, however the consistency can be a problem, and it often gives the film a slightly 'hazy' appearance.

Using recycled resins in your packaging is a good environmental choice. The feedstock has been saved from landfill, and of course it is reusing a finite resource.

However recycled content materials cannot be used in food contact or medical related applications.