Allviron is at the forefront of biodegradable film production in Australia. Using the cornstarch based material (a renewable resource), Mater-Bi™, Allviron can produce biodegradable and compostable collection bags. This cornstarch based bag is extensively used across Europe to collect food waste, from domestic and industrial sites, for composting. The material is fully certified and will leave behind no toxic residues in the compost.

We can make a wide range of films or bags for you. Our most common products are bin liners, used in kitchens and gardens, to collect organic wastes for composting.

This material can also be useful for such applications as tree guards, as over time the protective film will biodegrade leaving only the supporting stakes to be conveniently collected and reused.

The Mater-Bi™ material is also commonly used as packaging or covers for ‘green’ products to complete the product’s eco-friendly credentials.

Over the past few years we have continued to increase our capabilities, with the addition of a high speed bag machine and in 2017 a two layer co-extruder. This will allow us to further enhance our position as a respected supplier to the local industrial market.